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Mistr3ss Quickly's Bunny Farm

The fur is flying >.>

That girl your mom warned you about
15 August
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I'm Mistr3ss Quickly; right now I'm 27. I'm an immigrations compliance officer and international student advisor. I love my job dearly, even though no one can ever really remember what it is, exactly, that I do for a living.

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I can speak Japanese with some degree of fluency, and use this relatively rare skill to watch anime with my eyes closed. I also crochet a whole lot, which used to have the pleasant side effect of royally pissing off my lecture professors, but now just provides yarn for my husband to trip over and my cat to chase. I like cupcakes and the color yellow, and have very serious hopes of someday soon publishing my own novel.

Randomly, I have fully dislocatable shoulders and thought I was King Arthur until the age of ten, when I found out what a penis was (is?). The kittenbus says: "Rawr."

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