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It still doesn't feel real, but it is! After five years of editing, editing, and more editing, I've finally managed to publish my first book. I'm, uh, kind of enthusiastic.

It's based off my 2010 NaNo Over the Hills and Far Away, save that I didn't like how my NaNo ended, so I scrapped the last ... three? I think? ... chapters, deleted some of the more gratuitous porn, and added something like 40,000 words of plot. Nearly a second NaNo, go me. The NaNo was 74,000 words, the book's 102,000 words, and it's still got quite a bit of lovin' goin' on in it and my mum's ordered a copy, please send help.

You can get a copy yourself on Amazon.com: www.amazon.com/Miles-B····14256754 or on CreateSpace.com: www.createspace.com/5547172, and there's a Nook eBook version coming as well as soon as Barnes & Noble stops sitting around thinking about itself really hard.

Yeah, this still doesn't feel real. Imma go float around some, now. Cheers!

Congratulations! That's so cool! I loved Over the Hills and Far Away, and had been sad to see it disappear from your yGal, but now I totally understand why. :) Imma go get myself a copy now, thanks. :DDDD
Whoo hoo! That's awesome- congratulations!